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curl-6 said:

As a non-American; any truth to claims the Supreme Court can overturn the election and reinstall Trump for a second term? It's all over Twitter but I can't tell if it's just bluster from extremists or if it can actually happen.

Because that sounds awfully like a coup, having an election decided by a panel of 9 people when one candidate leads by several states and millions of votes.

Getting less likely each day. Trying to get the courts or electors to overturn the people's vote on any number of paper thin pretexts has been the Trump admin's post-election day strategy, but with no substance to their claims their cases are getting ruled against or just thrown out left and right. The most alarming moment so far was when Michigan officials were flown out to the White House to 'hear the president out' but even that thankfully doesn't seem like it's going to work and Trump's options shrink as more states set their vote counts in stone. Trump is absolutely attempting a coup any way he can get away with (while projecting otherwise), but thankfully it's looking like our safeguards are strong enough to stop him. Those safeguards are only as strong as the people enforcing them, though.