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curl-6 said:

As a non-American; any truth to claims the Supreme Court can overturn the election and reinstall Trump for a second term? It's all over Twitter but I can't tell if it's just bluster from extremists or if it can actually happen.

Because that sounds awfully like a coup, having an election decided by a panel of 9 people when one candidate leads by several states and millions of votes.

No.  They are thinking 2000's Gore vs Bush. That was the closest election possible. I believe it was literally over 500 votes in one area.  Made even more complicated by the concept of the "hanging chad".

Trump lost the popular vote by over 5 million. By 36 electoral votes.  At least three states worth. And many, many, many votes.

As shown by the fact that Trump's and co have lost 35 different lawsuits - they have no leg to stand on. Even trump appoint lawyers aren't buying it.

  • Deadliest mass shooting by an individual in US history (10/01/2017)
  • Deadliest high school shooting in US history (02/14/2018)
  • Deadliest massacre of Jews in US history (10/27/2018)
  • Political assassination attempt of TWO former presidents(and 10+ other people)  (10/23/2018 - and beyond)