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LudicrousSpeed said:

We literally had articles and rumors posted all over the Internets earlier this year, many times by Sony fans themselves, about how PS5 was easier to develop for because the tools were further along than Xbox. Now some of those same people want to say the tools are not an issue, even while posting comparison videos where the people in the videos claim the tools are a problem. In the same video they use as evidence for PS5 vs XSX power, the people in the video say you should never take anything like that out of launch title comparisons. Yikes. 

Are you referring to someone here, or people from other sites?

shikamaru317 said:
Hiku said:

Well saying 'nothing' isn't really accurate. PS5 has a higher clock speed for the GPU while SX has more CU's instead. If a game takes full advantage of both, then you'd expect an advantage for SX. But if a game makes use of fewer CU's, then it would be in favor of PS5.
There are some other noteworthy differences between them, like dedicated DMA controller and decompression chip, and the SSD controller is designed to offload large assets like a super fast RAM.
So depending on how games are designed, can't rule out that SX and PS5 may go back and forth on different categories. But I think overall I'd expect SX to generally be ahead by a bit for the most part. The differences shouldn't be as big as we're seeing with Dirt though.

Perhaps they're using the profile of Xbox One or something. Would like to see what it looks like on the old consoles for comparison.

Some fair points, but most game engines can handle more CU's than Series X has, Series X has 52 CU's, all 3 of the newly announced Radeon RX 6000 series GPU's have more CU's than that, with 80 CU's on the flagship 6900 XT, and the early benchmarks for those cards show that games seem to be benefitting from the extra CU's. 

It's certainly possible that things like the SSD controller and decompression chip could lead to better performance on PS5, but you would typically only expect 1st party studios to properly make uses of such things, not 3rd parties, which tend to be somewhat lazy with optimizations. In most cases the obvious on-paper advantages directly translate into better performance on 3rd party multiplats. For a 3rd party multiplat dev to put in the work needed to really take advantage of PS5 to boost games above Series X, it just seems unlikely to me. It just feels more likely to me that the rumors about MS sending out their new Game Core dev tools and dev kits to devs pretty late into the year are true, which would of course lead to devs not having the time to get used to the system before launch. I could be wrong of course.

Either way, we will know within a few months at least. If the delayed tools and dev kit rumors are true, we should see some performance patches for these launch games over the next few weeks that close the gap with PS5, with newly released 3rd parties over the next few months starting to show a smaller gap between PS5 and XSX and an eventual performance lead for XSX as time goes on. If things stay the way they are for the next few months in terms of 3rd party multiplat performance, we'll pretty much know that MS made some kind of bottlenecking design blunder. 

I can't say I know about most game engines, but the latest graphics cards at the upper end of the spectrum, and not really the standard yet.

As for the SSD, when it comes to building worlds without having to create extra walls, mazes, ladders, etc, I would rarely ever expect that from third party multiplatform games, because it would literally be designing two completely different games in those areas. But for quickly streaming in and offloading expensive assets like high res textures, as you normally would with RAM, I can't say because I don't know how easy or difficult that is made to be on PS5. I only saw one developer theorizing about it.

The rumor of the later dev kits may be accurate. Though the Dirt 5 developer seemingly said they got both dev kits around the same time, so I think the weird last gen looking geometry is due to something else. Final Fantasy 7 Remake also has a similar glitch with some of its textures.
Though if SX is going to play catchup with making it more easy to develop for, the question is how long that will take since PS5's development tools will keep evolving at the same time. Though if SX has more leeway to make up for, their development may be more rapid.

Last edited by Hiku - on 21 November 2020