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coolbeans said:
shikamaru317 said:
Sounds like the Xbox launch in Japan is still going well. Got another restock and is flying off the shelves again I hear. During the previous generation, many retailers in smaller Japanese cities and towns who once carried 360 in Japan dropped the Xbox sections from their shelves and stopped carrying Xbox because Xbox One just wasn't selling, leaving just a few retailers in bigger cities like Tokyo with Xbox shelves, but I'm hearing reports that many of those same retailers in smaller cities and towns have gotten so many requests to start carrying Xbox again that they are creating Xbox shelves again.

If true, that's especially weird given how there's no JP exclusives.  Maybe there's something tempting about BC and some of those offerings they never got around to playing?  Hard to say.

There is Phantasy Star 2 with the Genesis update coming in 2021. I don't think PS5 will be getting it.

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