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I'm not sure why they didn't just compare it to Dark Pictures, Lol. They were talking about the format specifically and didn't know what to compare it to, they then compared it to a British show which is on Netflix, which given the context, is obviously Black Mirror.

I'm thinking it'll be TPS so I doubt they'd be able to do branching choices in each episode, seems like a lot of work, likely just one set story to follow per episode, I do agree they could possibly merge in the future, if they're set in say, Perfect Dark's universe, we play as multiple characters doing their own things, corporate espionage, alien investigation, eventually leading to a merger.

But that is if they're even all in the Perfect Dark universe, I think when they reveal their game they might have to reveal two games if this is the concept they're doing, if they reveal one title only and are like "This is 6 hours long" I don't think it'll go down too well, tricky to market.

Last edited by Ryuu96 - on 21 November 2020