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Ryuu96 said:

If the rumours are true about The Initiative's format being akin to Black Mirror, I wonder how long each 'episode' will be? What would be the ideal length for you to be happy? Does this mean every episode will be SP only? Hard to imagine they'd make multiplayer components for each episode. Will they all be the same genre? TPS? 

Thinking on Black Mirror, there's a theory (actually I think it was confirmed) that while every episode is its own self contained story, the universe amongst a lot of episodes is the same, so I wonder if it's Perfect Dark's universe but multiple anthology episodes from the perspectives of different characters, separate self contained stories.

Man I have a lot of questions now.

Well, if it is an anthology series like Supermassive's Dark Picture's Anthology, Supermassive has already spearheaded a formula that seems successful for them. Each one they have released so far is $30 with about 4 hours (half the size of their $60 Until Dawn), with replayability through encouraged multiple playthroughs. Supermassive originally planned to to release 2 Dark Pictures games per year, but I think they have decided to only do 1 per year now, with more dev time on each game. 

Personally, I would like a bit larger than that if The Initiative decides to do 1 per year, maybe 6 to 8 hours for $30 each. Multiple dev teams within The Initiative, each one working with a different 1st or 2nd party partner to co-develop the games.