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Sounds like the Xbox launch in Japan is still going well. Got an Amazon restock yesterday that sold out, and boosted Xbox Series near the top of the bestsellers chart. Got another retailer restock today and is flying off the shelves again I hear. During the previous generation, many retailers in smaller Japanese cities and towns who once carried 360 in Japan dropped the Xbox sections from their shelves and stopped carrying Xbox because Xbox One just wasn't selling (launch Xbox One stock stayed on some shelves for a year or more in Japan), leaving just a few retailers in bigger cities like Tokyo with Xbox shelves for most of this past generation, but I'm hearing reports that many of those same JP retailers that dropped their Xbox sections this past gen have gotten so many requests to start carrying Xbox again that they are creating small Xbox sections again and will now be carry Series S|X.

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 21 November 2020