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shikamaru317 said:
Barozi said:

Does someone know some regular Xbox One games that will see benefits on Series X in regards to dynamic resolution (and I'm not talking about miniscule improvements like 1800p on Xbox One X -> 4k on Series X) or unstable framerate even without patches?

I can only really think of:

FFXV (1360p at the lowest)
Dead or Alive 6 (35-40 FPS in 4k mode)
Hitman 2 (30-40 FPS in 4k mode)

any other game that really struggled to reach anywhere close to 4k (with dynamic resolution) or 60 FPS?

Just Cause 4 had a 1080p to 2160p scaler on Xbox One X, and it spends a good chunk of time running closer to 1440p than 2160p, so you should see a big resolution improvement on Series X, as well as a stable 30 fps (drops below 30 fps occasionally on XB1 X). 

Witcher 3 has both a dynamic resolution scaler and an unlocked framerate in performance mode, and it ran between 1080p and 1332p on Xbox One X, with framerate between 40-50 fps, so you should see a subtantial resolution and framerate improvement playing Witcher 3 in performance mode on Series X. However, since Witcher 3 is being Series X optimized next year, you're better off waiting for the optimization to play it on Series X. 

Yeah definitely waiting for Witcher 3 Series X version.

But thanks for reminding me about Just Cause. I own JC3 and that one couldn't hold 30 FPS either during explosions.

Last edited by Barozi - on 21 November 2020