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I don't believe that rumour about Square Enix selling off its western branch, I do however think Eidos and Crystal Dynamics could be in trouble either way, I believe Deus Ex underperformed, as did Shadow of the Tomb Raider, hence moving both studios onto Avengers which utterly bombed, I feel like Square Enix doesn't know what to do with either studio.

If Square Enix decides to sell them both then I hope Microsoft tries to get them both, they're both good quality studios but Square Enix keeps considering them to be a underperforming one sales wise, seems perfect for Game Pass model where sales won't matter as much but provide Game Pass with high quality releases, let them do what they want instead of chasing trends.

I don't believe Square Enix would give up the IPs though, at most they'd license them out.

Also Microsoft needs to keep an eye on Embracer Group, their recent investor slide revealed that they're in talks with over 100 studios for acquisition purposes, a dozen of which are large scale studios, Microsoft ought to keep its partners close or I could see Embracer Group snatching them up, such as Asobo, not exactly a Microsoft partner but I could see Embracer acquiring Techland too.

Usually it wouldn't be a concern but I am suspicious of Embracer Group now, their growth is absolutely insane, in 3 years they've acquired 46 studios, I believe they're now the biggest publisher in the world in terms of studio count, their market cap is only $1.5bn off Ubisoft's in the span of 3 years of active growth, with multiple large scale acquisitions planned (including publishers) they will easily pass it.

The rate of growth is extremely suspicious, potentially dangerous, if Embracer goes down it would be devastating to the industry but I don't think that will happen anytime soon, I personally think they're either going to create their own subscription service (rival to Game Pass) or cash out to a major player (sell to Amazon, Google or Tencent).

It has been interesting to watch them over the years and I don't see them slowing down at all, if anything they're going to speed up in acquisitions.