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Barozi said:

Btw. Series S was selling much much faster than Series X.

One guy took a picture 90 minutes before I got there when it was fully stocked:

Compare that to the picture I made when I got there:

3 Series X sold (mine was still standing on that pile) and at least 10 Series S sold (not sure how many piles there are on the first pic but at least 5) within 90 minutes.

Nice to see Series S selling so well in Germany, seems like most other places so far the X has been selling faster, even in Japan, which I wasn't expecting since the Japanese typically prefer smaller products to larger products. 

Also, I'm laughing at the fact that none of the XB1 S units seems to have been bought between the first and 2nd pic. Whose bright idea was it to charge 260 for XB1 S when Series S is like 5x more powerful for 40 more? XB1 S should be selling for like 160 this Holiday, it was 200 last Holiday, at least in the US.