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Exceeded my expectations so far.

Coming from One S to Series X is a huge upgrade for me, although AC Valhalla is the only game I have played so far, it has moments where it looks beautiful, other moments where it isn't that impressive but it is AC, I'm sure there's much better graphical showcases, where it shines is the performance, Series X feels so damn smooth, I think my TV has VRR? so I've not experienced any screen tearing and it's just smooth AF.

The loading times are amazing too, Goddamn, I usually quickly browse my PC during load times and I can't really do that anymore.

I can't wait to replay MCC in 4K/60FPS or 1440p/120fps and usually I don't really care much about replaying titles, especially not for a graphical/performance update but I just want to finish Valhalla so I can get to MCC (not that I'm not enjoying Valhalla, it's great, I just want to play Halo at 120fps).

Library - Could be better but honestly I'm still on AC Valhalla (game is long as fuck) and I have a pretty big backlog of Game Pass titles I want to try out so I'm not too bothered, then there's Cyberpunk right around the corner, I don't think I'll have a game issue until early 2021.

Console - It's so damn quiet, I can't hear a single thing from it which is impressive, the top is 'warm' but not hot, it is also a lot nicer in person, fits nicely beside my TV, zero issues so far (knock on wood).

Controller - Already loved the Xbox One controller, this is a minor step up but in noticeable ways, the textured grips and triggers feel nice, they made it slightly smaller but I feel like it fits better in my hand, the share button is nice but the biggest upgrade is the D-Pad, it is so much better than the Xbox One D-Pad.