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New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, a release that contains both the original Wii U game and its expansion New Super Luigi U, is another surefire 10m+ seller in Nintendo's Switch portfolio, but how high can it go?

Here is its quarterly sales progression since its release in January 2019:

March 2019 - 3.31m/3.31m
June 2019 - 0.79m/4.10m
September 2019 - 0.49m/4.59m
December 2019 - 1.26m/5.85m
March 2020 - 0.75m/6.60m
June 2020 - 0.84m/7.44m
September 2020 - 0.88m/8.32m


Bonus question: Another Super Mario Bros. game is long overdue with the last game in the series releasing in 2012. Nintendo's longest stretch of depriving home console owners of new entries in the Super Mario Bros. series dates from 1990 (Super Mario World) to 2009 (New Super Mario Bros. Wii), so a 19-year-stretch without a new game in one of Nintendo's biggest IPs of all-time. Will we get a new Super Mario Bros. game on Switch or has Nintendo fallen back into their old habit of not recognizing the powerful appeal of 2D Mario?

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