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Leynos said:
coolbeans said:
Although critics are being rough, I've heard it's not AS bad with the general populace. XBL friend who got it has given surprising praise to it. I wonder if it has crossplay, b/c I can't remember if he got it on PC or if he even bought a PS5 yet.

Watching GB play it. It just seems average best. bad at worst. It's a PS2 game on PS5 if that makes sense. You go through a small room after room. Kill the same enemies over and ove and will repeat those areas many times. Obtuse about objectives. Levels don't end. You have to end them. it's kinda weird. If I had to make any comparison. It is to something like Warframe what Lords of the Fallen was to Dark Souls but that's a loose comparison. I could see myself picking it up for $5-10 IF the single-player was allowed to be played offline. That's the other issue. Even single-player when not interacting with anyone online still required online. This is the thing people shit on Xbox One policies before launch and praised PS4 for not doing. So unless they patch that out. I find it silly to pay $70 for this.

Oh wow...I forgot about the online-demanded part.  Still, there's something tempting about it with friends (and potential review code opportunity).