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Hynad said:
TalonMan said:
Hynad said:

Ok - well it doesn't appear to be happening with ALL links though it's definitely happening with SOME of them (this one does it to me, too from the Dashboard page - but several others in the list, work perfectly normal), and I'll need to figure out why that is.

My guess is it has something to do with "post counts" (what you have your "max posts" set to and what it thinks it should be - or something like that!!). Anyway - thanks for the link, this will help!!

For reference, mine is set to 100 per page.

Edit: And you’re right, some links do work. Very strange.

I was right - it wasn't holding the "max posts" setting, and screwing the URLs up. All fixed!!

Let me know if you see anything else not working on that page - like I said, there were a number of places that were absolutely broken (can't remember them off-hand at the moment), but all were corrected!!