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UnderwaterFunktown said:
TheBraveGallade said:
another chart of the lower weights would be nice, like xenoblade, kirby, and fire emblem.

Unfortunately we don't get regular shipment updates on games that "small" since Nintendo usually only reveals numbers when a game ships over 1 mil within a fiscal year. Even a game like Mario Maker we haven't gotten any updates on since March and we might not get any updates on it at all after the end of this fiscal year.

SMM2 shipped 0.44m in the quarter from January to March 2020. The game should have good enough legs to get a yearly update in the current and next fiscal year, but the current fiscal year will be the last one where we'll get an update after both fiscal Q3 and Q4. I estimate that it is at 0.6-0.7m in the current fiscal year through two quarters, so the holiday quarter should push it above the 1m threshold.

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