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vivster said:

Can we please take away the ability of people without forum posts to spam on walls and DMs? Or maybe limit them in general? Nobody needs to write more wall posts than one per minute.

This problem with bots spamming people has been going on for months now. It has slowed down a bit but just now I got another one who spammed 200 posts on my wall in mere minutes.

edit: just came back to 400 new wall posts. Is there a way to delete wall posts when you ban those bots?

I haven't checked, but I was pretty sure I had, in fact, put some kind of check in with the latest update - that doesn't mean it's working properly. It's also possible the person doing it, is going through some backdoor means - in which case, figuring out how they're doing it is a little more troubling.

I will have this issue added to the bug list, and confirm whether or not the check is there - and if it is, try and figure out how they're getting around it...