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cycycychris said:
vivster said:
cycycychris said:
vivster said:

Can we please take away the ability of people without forum posts to spam on walls and DMs? Or maybe limit them in general? Nobody needs to write more wall posts than one per minute.

This problem with bots spamming people has been going on for months now. It has slowed down a bit but just now I got another one who spammed 200 posts on my wall in mere minutes.

edit: just came back to 400 new wall posts. Is there a way to delete wall posts when you ban those bots?

I've let CGI know to use spam delete on this spam bot so the spam can be mass deleted from your wall.

I do think that limited wall post to a certain post total or a time amount per post is not a terrible idea though.

Thank you.

Any reason why this "spam delete" is not just used on every spam bot? Seems useful. Just woke up to a new big wave.

As Jwein mentioned, "spam delete" deletes everything that a user has done. Its an option during the banning process, but only head mods have it to avoid mistakes being made. So I perma the bots to avoid future spam and cgi when he came back online used the spam delete.

We try to keep an eye out for spam bots, but we don't catch everything. If one spams your wall send a mod a pm and we'll take care of it.

Will do, thank you.

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