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JRPGfan said:

its def. alot faster now than it was when the update first went live.
Feels like how it was pre update. Basically speed isnt a issue now.

The hot topic thing, takes abit getting used too, but even that is slowly growing on me.
Im no longer angry about the changes :P

The only noticable issue now, is quick comments/posts, loseing sentence structure (spaceing).
Its happend a few times, Ive written something, and it just turns into a wall of text afterwards.
(haveing to edit and sort out spaceing again)

Machina said:

Thread avatars

The other major change today is to the avatars showing on the front page forum list. The size of the avatars has been significantly reduced, so that they now take up less room, meaning more threads are shown per screen.

This is a sort of compromise, between people who want them removed because of visual overload and the amount of space they take up, and Talon's reluctance to completely ditch a new feature so soon after the relaunch. Feel free to let us know what you think to the change and whether it goes far enough.

its noticeable, and def. a improvement.

Definitely a few bugs in the forums tools (quoting trees, quick reply, etc.) - I'll get on them, I assure you. Performance is my absolute priority at the moment (I have one more tweak to the front page, I need to implement) - and then I will turn towards bugs/enhancements/etc.