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Update 3:

  • All formatting issues should now be resolved for Quick Reply
  • You can now use paragraphs in the comments section of articles (finally!)
  • Ratings percentages now display on the front page user reviews, not just the top rated ones
  • The Switch has moved to the top of the top row>GameDB>Platforms list, so that the platforms are all alphabetically consistent.
  • Clicking on an article via the notifcations in your Buddy now works as intended.
  • Front page graph figures have returned.
  • Notifications for any Badges earned now send you to your badge page, with the most recent ones listed, rather than to the generic site badge page.
  • PS5 & XSX|S now added to the front page Hardware Chart, ready for launch figures to be posted as soon as Will has enough data.

Update 2:

These are all now fixed:

  • Unicode issue has been resolved
  • Quick Reply spacing is fixed (this post is being typed in the Quick Reply box!)
  • The paging issue has been corrected
  • The Button Bar has been "thinned out" so it's no longer as tall as it was before
  • Some minor color clean-up for tables in Dark and Blue themes


The following have now been dealt with:

  • The 'Add comment to wall post' bug has been fixed.
  • Dark Theme Quick Reply inconsistency resolved.
  • Twitter embeds in articles have been fixed.
  • Supporter bug fixed.
  • Automatic quote tree pruning has been re-instated.
  • Buddy cleaned up ('disabled the row highlight, brought the link underline back, and made the pointer cursor when hovering over a link').
  • On game pages, the Shipping Total box was sometimes incorrectly positioned, this is no longer the case.
  • Fixed sales chart stories also appearing in the central column on the front page.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing some users to not be directed to the https version of the site.

Original Post:

Just posting a quick thread for visibility (rather than a post buried within the other thread, which many won't see).

Slowdown & loading speed

@TalonMan has been working today to make the site run faster. Page loading times have noticeably improved and fingers crossed we've seen the end of that painful slowdown we were getting immediately after launch. He says there's still more to do, especially with the front page, so loading times should further improve in the coming days.

Thread avatars

The other major change today is to the avatars showing on the front page forum list. The size of the avatars has been significantly reduced, so that they now take up less room, meaning more threads are shown per screen.

This is a sort of compromise, between people who want them removed because of visual overload and the amount of space they take up, and Talon's reluctance to completely ditch a new feature so soon after the relaunch. Feel free to let us know what you think to the change and whether it goes far enough.

Supporter status

The free week I announced for existing Supporters, as a result of site downtime for the redesign, has been added to all of your accounts.

The bug where Supporter status wasn't automatically triggering (and new months weren't automatically being added) has now been fixed.

Talon will be working on the other bugs people have pointed out (and which we've collected together into a spreadsheet) once these issues have all been resolved. And after that we're hoping to add PS5 & XSX|S to the front page hardware sections, so that @trunkswd can publish our sales estimates for them.

Last edited by Machina - on 24 November 2020