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Guessed by @S.Peelman

So, another year, another #50. I guess I really like to use this spot for games that I know won't be coming back next year.

No Man's Sky barely edged out the other 9 games I talked about in my honorable mentions, mostly because of how much time I've sinked into it this year. I find it kinda hard to say anything positive about it, though... despite all the updates and additional content, the core experience here has stayed largely the same since release, and that core experience is made out of grinding and boredom. I can't find a single reason to say No Man's Sky is fun. It's not.

But I don't know, it still managed to capture me because of the space exploration idea, and on rare occasions you do actually stumble upon some pretty cool things. It's weird, really. I can't help but be drawn to this game even if it's boring. I think I like this boring.

That thing up there is my house, by the way. Built it on a floating island because why not.

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Last edited by mZuzek - on 12 November 2020