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Signalstar said:

Just Finished: The Last Guardian (PS4)

The framerate struggles quite a bit. No wonder the game could not be completed on the PS3. The controls and camera are wonky as well. Trico is adorable of course. The environments, architecture and level design are wonderfully detailed but disappointingly empty. Never have I craved collectibles so badly in a game, something akin to the treasures in Uncharted would have been welcome. The protagonist is also adorable and brave. I'm glad the game was made and kudos to Sony for not canceling it but I think the game could have used more polish and refinement to make the game more player-friendly. It's rare to see a game where the only objective is to get from point A to point B with little in the way in combat. The environmental puzzles can seem obtuse. The enemies are annoying and not enjoyable to deal with. The story is sparse. I did feel a real bond with Trico but you do not get much in the way of plot development or lore. So long Team Ico. Thanks for the memories.


I agree with most of this. I'm surprised you didn't mention how fucking annoying Trico can be to command and get to do things at times. Sometimes, yes, it's a display of his unpredictability and natural stubbornness, which is what people eager to defend the game from criticism claim, but just as often I think it's simply a case of... how shall I put it? Less than great AI.

I don't rate the game as highly as having it as my avatar might suggest. I do love Trico and the boy; their growing relationship and general adorableness. It conveys that sense of growing affection one develops for, say, a pet (if you're an animal lover) and how they come to be part of your family, and that when they're in pain or dying you too feel great pain and hopelessness, and when they're under attack you leap to their defence. I don't think I've ever cried playing a game before or since.

Regarding your comment on my wall - this was my avatar long before the game released, and I didn't even play it until several years after it released anyway, so it shouldn't be taken as an indication of huge love for the title. It is on my best games of all time list, but only 36th, well behind say Shadow of the Colossus in 3rd. I've simply never managed to find an image for Shadow of the Colossus that I'd prefer as my avatar, and I've had this one for so long that it is essentially 'me' on the site, so that's why I haven't changed it (except in a handful of brief one-off cases).