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Era is on meltdown over this currently, reading the thread I see several saying they will stop playing the game if the devs don't support PS5 properly. But according to Jeff Grubb, in that thread, the limitation here is back compat games can't take advantage of PS5 features like 120 fps, whereas back compat games on Xbox Series can take advantage of Xbox Series features like 120 fps (as well as things like auto HDR). Devs have to take time to make a full on PS5 port if they want 120 FPS modes, which takes more time and costs them more money since the game has to go through certification processes again and such. So, what you're getting on PS5 is the PS4 Pro version, which was checkerboard 4K 60 fps, running on PS5 back compat.

Apparently this PS5 back compat limitation is also why Star Wars Squadrons has more enhancements on Xbox Series than on PS5, as well as an optional 120 fps mode. Squadrons is a back compat title rather than a next-gen update/port title, so the devs were able to enhance the game for Xbox Series without having to recertify the game, whereas on PS5 the game is limited to the PS4 Pro version on back compat. 

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 10 November 2020