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Worse than before.I don't like that the thing you are mousing over in the buddy/profile drop down box is no longer underlined. Doesn't confirm that you're actually about to click on it anymore. It's a minor thing, but it's kind of annoying. I assumed that was remove because now clicking the whole box would take you to the thread, rather than just on the words, but that's not the case, so... why is it gone?

The front page also looks ugly. Everything's too big and there are way too many pictures.As for functionality I'd like, how about accurate time stamps? I live in one of the countries that doesn't stupidly change the clocks every 6 months, but VGC still changes them anyway, so for half the year all of the time stamps are wrong.

I'd also really like thread bets to be removeable/replaceable. Would love to do more bets in the football thread but the current expired one seems to be permanently stuck there.

Edit: I'd also like post formatting to work. Had to edit this post to re-add the paragraphs. Why did VGC turn it into a wall of text when I didn't write it like that?

Last edited by Ka-pi96 - on 09 November 2020