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DonFerrari said:
Mostly good reviews with a few complains.
Have you guys seem IGN commenting there is a PS3 folder somewhere on the UI (when they talk about the organization showing PS5 and PS4 games, but with PS3 empty)? Does that mean future emulation or just that some titles that are remaster or ports will end up sorted there because they weren't originally created for ps5?

From what I have read this is simply for PS Now titles. 

Captain_Yuri said:

It sounds like there's no quick resume feature like there is on the Series X. And the battery life is apparently 4-8 hours on the controller which is quite low! The controller features sound hype though and it's quiet which is awesome!

Battery life seems to vary substantially depending on how much the features are used. Astrobot apparently drains it within  4-5 hrs.  The highest estimate I've seen was like 14 hours.