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finalrpgfantasy said:
Bandorr said:
It was an interesting video indeed.
If you had a 30 FPS cap, you have one now (and need it removed).
If it was 900p before, it is 900 now.

The one I found most interesting was Sekiro. PS went checkerboard, Xbox went native. Yet the PS has a better frame-rate because of that.

Oh and clearly the best? 60FPS Knack.

Does the Xbox Series X works the same or, besides the auto-hdr mode, they have something extra?

I don't know about auto-hdr but it sounded like the same. I watched it earlier while waking up so I didn't take it all in.

The impression was that the past controlled the present though. They had examples of 900p games on xbox being 900p on XSX.

I'm not sure they addressed FPS cap on the Xbox. 

Good video worth watching. Specially if you are more awake than I was.

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