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chakkra said:

You might be correct in saying that the PS5 might have features of their own not included in RDNA2, but it is not Microsoft's job (nor interest) to talk about that. They are only interested in letting people know that their console has the full RDNA2 set of features.

As to which are the features pertaining to X series? This Anandtech article about RDNA2 might give us some clues:

"AMD has previously disclosed that RDNA2 would be a DX12 Ultimate-level architecture..
Overall, DirectX 12 Ultimate focuses on 4 major features (and some minor spec changes): Ray tracing, tier 2 variable-rate shading, mesh shaders, and sampler feedback."

"Finally, AMD today is also confirming that they will offer support for Microsoft's DirecStorage API. Derived from tech going into the next-gen consoles, DirectStorage will allow game assets to be streamed directly from storage to GPUs, with the GPUs decompressing assets on their own. This bypasses the CPU, which under the current paradigm has to do the decompression and then send those decompressed assets to the GPU."

Of course.

And I think DirectX is a safe bet. Was curious if there was anything else of the 4 bullet points mentioned.

Come to think of it, MS probably wouldn't know, or wouldn't be allowed to confirm anything that is in the PS5 chip that they haven't made public.
But MS would know if Sony isn't using their (DirectX) technology.

So I'm guessing that's what MS are referring to here.

Last edited by Hiku - on 28 October 2020