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LudicrousSpeed said:
No doubt Sony has custom alternatives to RDNA2 features but they won’t be as good.

They both have 'custom alternatives' to RDNA2 features. Because they're both custom chips designed for consoles.
And AMD have their own solution for PC.

Microsoft, Sony and AMD developed this technology together, and chose whatever they thought was best suited for their solution.
So there's no reason why Sony's features 'wouldn't be as good', or vice versa.

With perhaps the exception of DirectX. That's Microsoft's technology and Sony may not have been allowed to use it even if they wanted to. So what this article highlights is that AMD and MS's decisions aligned more closely than Sony and AMD. But that could just mean the DirectX part for all we know.
And I guess that makes sense because Microsoft probably wouldn't know exactly what was in the PS5 chip. (Or at least they wouldn't be allowed to confirm anything that hasn't been made public yet.)
But they can of course know if Sony isn't using their DirectX technology.

XSX and PS5 have features that AMD's RDNA2 doesn't have though. Not necessarily better or worse, but they're custom chips for a different system.

Last edited by Hiku - on 28 October 2020