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VAMatt said:

Many of the comments here amount to mods saying "if the mods are screwing up and you call us out publicly, we'll lock the thread. People that call us out in ways we don't like are the real problem."  I'd suggest that if one can't take criticism, and even an occasional questioning of their motives (whether unfounded or not) one shouldn't be a mod.

The "calling out" is the issue. Legitimate concerns don't always have to become threads (ask Hiku said, this is one of the reasons all 'The Moderator Threads' have been locked. It could have been addressed directly in a PM to which it would have seen the same response (particularly as it was an administrative issue and not one where a mod was doing something deliberate).

So, I get what you're saying, but I agree with the mods who have opposed the way of doing it specific to this case.