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Ka-pi96 said:

Fair enough. I think it's worth pointing out however that if we still had a mod thread then I likely would have asked in there rather than creating a new thread about it. Maybe then I also would have asked about it when John was originally banned (I believe the mod thread was closed around the same time). The post deletion was the only part of that ban I took issue with, so I didn't see it as worth following up back then, especially assuming I'd have had to create a whole thread about it then too.

It was just seeing more missing posts again recently that made it relevant to me again. I know you asked whose posts specifically, but I didn't know whose, I just noticed that weren't as many as there should have been anymore. That may have even been a spam bot, but mistake or not regular users have had posts deleted recently so I don't think it was unfair to think that the new deletions may have been a regular user too.

Just to be clear, even if this hadn't been a new thread but a post in an older thread, it would have been the same, minus a thread title.
One of the (several) reasons the Mod Thread was closed was because of posts like this OP and Kirby's comment. I was always trying to find ideas to keep that thread open btw, so when I say these things, it's so that you'll know how to avoid getting these threads locked immediately. And this one was actually, for a moment.

I understand your point about how you feel you would have been more on top of the situation with John if the Mod Thread was still around. But it is what it is now, and if you don't feel like PM'ing any one of us, then consider if you have enough information to make a thread like this without suggesting malicious intent when you may be wrong, and creating a situation where we have to scramble because we don't have enough information (we didn't know who you were referring to, and we couldn't get in touch with JWein for a few hours.)

Also I know you don't remember who you were referring to, but if you had for example reached out to me first, I would have asked you if you meant Nightly Poe, and ruled that out right away. Then you would have known that he requested it (which would have probably made you reconsider if we do this outside of requests), and I would have asked the other mods who else got their posts wiped, because as of yesterday I only knew of that happening to Poe.