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kirby007 said:
Well im right aint i, this would have been better on discord or a pm. Why couldnt guys be your usual obtuse selves and locked it asap.... Or was it just another lets fuck with kirby

Stick to Empire, Kirby. 😒

It was locked at first but we decided it needed investigating and wanted to clear some stuff up.

It'll probably be locked when I sort out if I can restore the posting histories of DPSX and John cause as far as I'm concerned the matter will be resolved and we've all learnt from it, not much more to say after that, not like a proper deletion system is coming anytime soon.

But seriously your initial post wasn't cool.

IcaroRibeiro said:
Wait, NightlyPoe's asked for permaban?

Yeah he asked Machina for an account delete.

Last edited by Ryuu96 - on 24 October 2020