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VAMatt said:
Hiku said:

But it's not appropriate to approach this the way OP did.

Instead of asking us a few questions first before making the thread, he proclaimed that we are in fact doing this to censor users. Didn't specify who he was talking about, so we wouldn't know if he's referring to someone that requested it, etc.

This was actually one of the reasons the Mod Thread was closed.
It's good that this brought attention to an issue that needed to be fixed. But should have been handled in a more inquisitive manner, than accusative.

I don't see it that way.  It doesn't matter whether the OP was correct about what was happening (he was) or the reasons it was happening (it looks like he was not).  It's still an issue for all of us to be aware of.  I can see where a mod might be offended by the post.  But, I don't see a problem with an OP being offensive, unless it is intended to offended for the sake of offending. 

Also, look at the outcome here.  The issue is being addressed - mods learned that they were inadvertently doing something that caused problems, community members got an explanation (one that will stay here for people to refer to later, if needed), and efforts to come to a more permanent solution are in place.  So, I'd say the OP did a good job.  

If OP can just ask a question first to avoid spreading misinformation, then that is not too much to ask.

He could have asked if this was our policy for perma bans before making the thread.
We would have had the same outcome, without the misinformation, and probably without Kirby joining in with some story about 2 mods that supposedly quit because it was a 'shit job' (still want to know who these 2 are because only Amy left since I joined, and she didn't even tell anyone why to our knowledge.)

Another issue is what this thread could have looked like if mods weren't online and responded when they did. And JWein wasn't online for a few hours. And he was the one we needed to talk to. So we were trying to reach out to him ASAP.
And for all we know, he could have been offline for another 24 hours.

This was easily avoidable if OP had just asked a question first. So yes, absolutely do that first next time. Otherwise the thread may just get locked immediately, and the community may not learn about the situation as a result.

Last edited by Hiku - on 24 October 2020