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AsGryffynn said:
Ka-pi96 said:

I really do hope they switch to Hindu numbers rather than Roman at some point if they go that far. It's going to be awfully weird if we ever get to a Final Fantasy L. I actually had to look up what 50 was in Roman numbers, so I doubt I'm the only one that wouldn't immediately recognise FFL as FF50

I doubt they can get back to 3 mainline titles a gen, but 2 should definitely be possible. Especially if they use different teams for each of them, and don't have any screw-ups that require shifting all of their resources to something else *cough* FF14 *cough*

Arabic numerals. 

Also, a question I've had is why they don't give the Evermore treatment to FF... 

Hindu numerals. Because I believe in giving credit to the creators, rather than the middle men.

I call it a Sony PS5, rather than a GameStop PS5 for the same reason.