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Flilix said:

Well, I was looking at this old thread of mine a while ago, and I noticed that several people quoted a post by John2290, even though I can't see his post in the thread. Oddly enough, he doesn't seem to be banned though?

I'm investigating that one and I'll get clarification from the Moderators involved but I can see that his perm ban was requested so I'm going to assume his erasure was too, it could have also been an accident - In which case, I have made Talon restrict the feature to Head Mods only until we clear this stuff up.

This feature should be Spam Accounts + Erasure Requests only - Which is what all them Spambot deletions are which I have done and the erasure on NightlyPoe. It also fucks up Moderation history a little so it's something we actually want to avoid.

He is unbanned because of a glitch, he was originally banned for 14 days but that ban was lifted to place a requested perm instead, due to how the moderation works it still technically applies the 14 days ahead of the perm so he was unbanned 14 days later even though it says perm.