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kirby007 said:
Ka-pi96 said:

Which ones?

Good ones? The ones that you didn't even know were mods? Ones you knew but were pointless and may as well not have been mods? Or... the other kind?

best ask that in a pm or discord

*in before usual mod reply* this whole thread is better for a PM or discord tbh

hmm, only better to ask in a PM if you're going to name and categorise them. If you're just naming them then it's technically open for everybody to know (providing they knew who the mods were beforehand at least) anyway.

And no, this whole thread is better as a topic for discussion in a general mod thread. Or at the very least it would undoubtedly be worse as a PM. This is something that affects the community as a whole, so regardless of their personal opinions on the matter the mods should be at least willing to hear what the community things, and that can't be done in a PM.