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Shadow1980 said:
The final debate was Trump's last chance to turn things around, and he needed to knock it out of the park... which he was never going to accomplish. "Less awful than last time" isn't good enough.

Trump's approval ratings are still in the toilet. The polls, while they may narrow slightly in the coming days, still massively favor Biden, who is still performing far better than Hillary did in 2016 and at least as good if not better than Obama was in 2012, not just nationally but in most key states. With only eleven days to go until election day, I can't see much of anything realistic that would turn the tide in Trump's favor.

I sure hope you are right.  The way 2016 went down still has me nervous though.  I would be so happy to not have to hear about Betsy devos education plans anymore... easily the worst government official we have ever had...