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gergroy said:
Machiavellian said:
So Fox news is airing something interesting. Its a guy Tony Bobulinsky that says he has evidence of Joe and Hunter dealings with a China company to enrich themselves. Interesting that he has all these text, emails so fort but of course he doesn't have anything with Joe name on it and he waiting until less than 2 weeks to come forward with his new patriotism. Yu have to love the last minute long ball here but its interesting to see how this will play out. There is nothing illegal going on since these deals were done in 2017 but he would need to provide evidence with Joe name in it to really bring this home.

It’s all dumb.  I’m sure Hunter was using his dads name to make some money, and honestly I can’t really blame him.  I don’t believe for a second Joe was involved in any of it, and obviously none of it has Joe’s name either.  The crazy thing though, is if you flipped the script and looked at Trumps kids, I’m pretty sure they have done far worse, but with out the drug addiction to blame.

The guy said he had a meeting with Joe and they talked about the setup of this company which so happens he is still in charge of I believe.  What I find interesting in all this as well is of the timing.  I am also not believing this but if you think about timing it makes sense.  He comes out on national news less than 2 weeks before election.  He makes claims but nothing can or will be verified that Joe has any involvement but the insinuation of it is enough before election to try and swing some votes.  During this reveal I could not determine if there was anything going on that was illegal but that is probably the point.  It doesn't have to be illegal or anything, the insinuation of dealing with China right now is the theme more than anything else.