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I wonder how The Orville's viewership numbers compare with Discovery and Picard? Sadly we'll never know, since Netflix (which streams Discovery outside of the US), Amazon Prime (which streams Picard outside of the US), and CBS All-Access (which streams both shows in the US) don't disclose viewership numbers. I know that The Orville averaged over 5m views per episode on Fox in the US between live viewers and DVR viewers, and I remember reading a Seth MacFarlane interview where he said that Hulu viewers roughly doubled the Fox numbers, so that means 10m+ viewers per episode in the US, and The Orville is also aired in Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, either on tv channels or streaming services, sadly we don't have viewership numbers for those 4 countries.

I suspect that The Orville is winning in viewers, though I can't say that for certain, especially since Discovery and Picard have wider reach due to Netflix and Amazon being available in alot more foreign countries than the 4 foreign countries The Orville is available in currently.

Edit: CBS did air the first episode of Discovery on their tv station in the US to try and get people hooked and watching it on CBS All-Access. That first episode got 9.5m viewers on CBS. The Orville by comparison is estimated to have got 12m viewers on it's first episode airing on Fox. 

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 20 October 2020