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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
curl-6 said:

I mean, just last night I was playing Metro Kingdom and found that possessing a parked taxi took me to a hidden zone where you battle and possess tanks, collapsing girders to create bridges, in a storm. Can't think of anything that cool in 3D World.

I mean, that sounds about as inherently interesting as using a motorcycle to outrun a T-Rex. Yet, that moment in Odyssey is one of the biggest disappointments, and that's even on top of the dopamine you get from finding a secret mission like that. It's so bland, so poorly done and just ends up being super pedestrian. 

This was an interesting conversation to read. On one hand, curl-6 who disqualifies everything that isn't a big 3D world from being an ambitious game. On the other hand, ALA who dislikes curl-6's interpretation of 'ambitious' and would rather call it "huge like an ocean, shallow like a puddle."

noname2200 said:
I wonder if part of the reason why Odyssey isn't mentioned as often as Breath on gaming forums is that most bloggers/developers/etc are just generally much more interested in open world RPG/sandbox/etc games right now, with 3D platformers largely on the wayside?

Also, in fairness, Breath did some things that aren't generally seen in open world games, while Odyssey is a (much, much better!) version of Space Station Silicon Valley. Admittedly, I doubt most people played the latter, so that could be completely off track.

Correct, Nintendo pretty much owns the 3D platformer genre. It's taken for granted that nobody else comes close to Mario because there's nobody willing to spend AAA money on it. Meanwhile, there's an abundance of AAA open world games, so constant comparisons are inevitable and makes it much easier for BotW to be talked about regularly.

Also, nice try likening Odyssey to Space Station Silicon Valley. "Much better version" really means a different game altogether. You know that you were reliant on using "transformations" in SSSV all the time because wandering around as plain chip depleted your health. The equivalent of the chip would be Mario in Odyssey, and unsurprisingly, Mario can do a lot more than walk around.

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