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hinch said:
JuliusHackebeil said:
I hope something with a good story. TLOU2 really did not do it for me.
Uncharted could go on without them. I'd like to see Uncharted - Cutting loose revolcing around Cutter.
I hope it is not a FPS or anything first person really, don't like that perspective.
A party based rpg would be very welcome, but is probably a pipe-dream.
Something high concept science fiction would be cool as well. Perhapy 2, or 3 smaller games, 30 € each, 10 hours playtime, quicker development. With this a botched story would not hurt as much, since the next one is in the horizon already.

Yeah TLOU 2 went way too dark and in the deep end. We don't need another game like that any time soon. It needs to be more light-hearted game.

I wouldn't mind if they had a go at Sci-fi with RPG elements. If it was something akin to a Mass Effect I wouldn't complain. Like, at all.

Best case scenario for me, a sci fi , space game, third person with rpg elements, i can imagine the amazing creatures ,aliens naughty dog can create and animate.