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gooch_destroyer said:

This is the first PS console I'll have on day one. PS4 I waited til January of 2014, PS3 Christmas of 07, PS2 Christmas of 02, and PSone Christmas of 99.

The only PS system I bought on day one was the PSP. I have fallen in love with that little machine as soon as I have seen it I will probably buy the PS5 next year or the year after. I have a massive backlog of games and forcing myself to finish them, before investing more into games. I have a bad habit of spending litteraly thousands of $ on games only to finish half a dozen or so. With a 4K/60 (or maybe even 120)HZ/HDR enabled TV set and audio system that I am planning to get with it I might have to spend well over 2 grand on it, and currently I am saving up for a decent car.

But man, if Ratchet turns out to be as good as it looks, I might have to buy into it sooner. I mean that's a system seller for me

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