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gooch_destroyer said:

This is the first PS console I'll have on day one. PS4 I waited til January of 2014, PS3 Christmas of 07, PS2 Christmas of 02, and PSone Christmas of 99.

Nice. As a long time PS gamer, I'm in the same boat. First time for me preordering a new PlayStation. This is one of strongest openings for PlayStation for sure. I was on board the choo choo train as soon as I saw Ragnarok announcement. I still can't believe the OG PS came out over 20 years ago! Time flies.


That's true. A good lift and form with lower weights is better than going heavy with bad form. Plus it lowers risk of injuries (had my fair share of those). Yeah, sometimes you can work too hard and burn too many calorie and not eating as much as you should to gain keeps you lean. Diet plays a massive role in goals. I don't know how gyms are like where you are but over here in the UK we have a limit of 1hour a session and it has to be booked in before.

Last edited by hinch - on 18 October 2020