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hinch said:

Heh cool. Yeah same. I've been (lazily) training at home since April. My gym account froze during lockdown but never came back. Funnily enough I think I've gained more muscle mass and a bit of fat but lost a bit of strength since I don't have the equipment to really push myself. Like not barbell, smith, T-Bar or resistance machines.

Still going lower weights, hypertrophy and more reps seem to be working more than going heavy, moderate for strength and mass. I can't wait for things to get back to normal though as the hassle of gyming it now just isn't worth it.

A good execution can help more than the extra weight on the machine. The training I done was able to activate all the muscles needed, and yes I had the impression of a minor gain in muscle but well that could have been just impression. But the difference was that for the 6 monthsin gym I was in cutting so not much muscle gaine, during quarantine I ate more and wasn't doing cardio and now back at gym I'm still on a small bulking.

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