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I knew something was off with Discovery as soon as I read that CBS asked Bryan Fuller, one of the Voyager writers, to step down as showrunner on Discovery. That was a giant red flag for me. Then I saw the first trailer, with it's ugly ship, redesigned Klingons, timeline inconsistent ship interiors and uniforms, and it's more than 1 in 3 dislikes, and I knew that CBS didn't give a crap about classic Trekkies at all, they only cared about appealing to a new audience. Worst thing is, they still refuse to give classic Trek fans a proper show, Picard could have been that but I hear it has many of the same problems as Discovery, just with better characters.

I'll say it again, I'm so thankful that Seth MacFarlane cares about classic Trek fans and is giving them a good show with The Orville. It might not have the budget or audience of Discovery or Picard, but it’s about 100x better.

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 18 October 2020