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Hiku said:

I don't think anyone will be moving to cartridges unless the form factor can't house a disc drive. Reason being, cartridges are more expensive, so publishers would rather not deal with that. And there are no 

I do think this is the last generation of physical media for PlayStation and Xbox though, considering the systems are launching with disc-less versions, coupled with (and this is probably why) the ration of digital sales has increased a lot in the past few years. Capcom reported an over 80% digital ratio this year. And are expecting over 90% next year. But this is an odd year that promotes more digital purchases. Though none the less, I think digital is nearing the point where they'll be able to get away with all digital consoles. In the next 7 years they'll probably try it for their next systems.

Ratio of actual game sales, or revenue?

Because companies usually just post digital revenue %s. And considering DLC/micro transactions can only be bought digitally it's not really an accurate reflection of how many people still buy discs.

Last edited by Ka-pi96 - on 18 October 2020