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TheBraveGallade said:

Though however, I see everyone moving away from discs, as discs just don't work, hell, they haven't really since the start of gen 8.

even the much weaker wii U used install data on some bigger games to help loading (Xenoblade X)

I feel like everyone will move back to carts while simultainiously jacking up the price by at least 10$.

Making a port costs nothing compared to a disc drive, so there is a cost saving on a per console basis

I don't think anyone will be moving to cartridges unless the form factor can't house a disc drive. Reason being, cartridges are more expensive, so publishers would rather not deal with that. And there are no 

I do think this is the last generation of physical media for PlayStation and Xbox though, considering the systems are launching with disc-less versions, coupled with (and this is probably why) the ration of digital sales has increased a lot in the past few years. Capcom reported an over 80% digital ratio this year. And are expecting over 90% next year. But this is an odd year that promotes more digital purchases. Though none the less, I think digital is nearing the point where they'll be able to get away with all digital consoles. In the next 7 years they'll probably try it for their next systems.

DPsx7 said:
Drives and discs cost next to nothing.

Add the costs of manufacturing, packaging, shipping, logistics, retailers cut, etc, and it adds up to a big chunk of the pie.
Just removing the retailers cut, publishers and platform holders get about 30% more money when they sell games directly from the online stores. And publishers stand to gain even more by not having to deal with all the other costs involving physical media.

Last edited by Hiku - on 18 October 2020