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I think Motorsport is 2021, I can't see them having two Forza's announced at once, plus I have a feeling the reason for the recent mass hiring in the Horizon team was to replace staff who have moved over to Fable, I reckon the veterans of Playground are moving to Fable and Horizon will take on more college graduates to the team.

I also don't think Playground will release a Horizon on the old version of the engine, plus whenever a company says it's a new engine, what they mean really is the old engine has been updated, Slipspace for example is still Blam! engine at its core, I really doubt Turn 10 are re-doing all those tracks and cars from the ground up, likely since Forzatech is labelled as an update to the old engine a lot of the stuff from previous Forza's can simply be updated along with it, I don't know why they're need to do stuff from the ground up.

Plus, Turn 10 are extremely efficient.

Weren't they using FM7 as a template for some of the changes too? I feel like I read that somewhere, they were testing a few changes via FM7.

Last edited by Ryuu96 - on 17 October 2020