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Another reason why rushing out Forza Motorsport reboot would be a mistake: Polyphony, unlike Turn 10, decided to design their GT Sport cars and tracks so that they could be used in both GT Sport and GT7, with somewhat smaller graphical improvements being made to each GT Sport car model and track for GT7, so they basically already had a list of 300+ cars and 30+ tracks ready made to use in GT7, which they will have been further adding more cars and tracks to, built from the ground up for GT7. With Turn 10 suggesting in the interviews that they are rebuilding all tracks and cars from the ground up for Xbox Series/PC instead of reusing assets from Motorsport 5-7, rushing out Motorsport reboot with only around 2 years of full development would make for a very bad comparison between Forza Motorsport reboot and GT7 in terms of the amount of cars and tracks. Forza would likely have the edge in both car and track accuracy and graphics in such a scenario, since it would have no cross-gen cars or tracks, but GT7 could end up with more than twice the cars and tracks in such a comparison.

The whole point of rebooting Forza Motorsport was to bring Motorsport back to it's 90+ meta legacy, something that 5-7 all fell short of this past gen, and we already saw critics slam Motorsport 5 for not having enough content, so releasing Motorsport reboot without enough content would be a really bad way to go about reclaiming 90+ on meta again.

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 17 October 2020