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jason1637 said:
shikamaru317 said:

I'm not so certain on Motorsport reboot in 2021 personally. According to an interview, it only began full development in December 2019, before that they were mainly working on the new ForzaTech engine and working on DLC for Motorsport 7 and Horizon 4. A November 2021 release would give it less than 2 years of full development, and since they're starting over from scratch with all new tracks and all new car models instead of reusing tracks and cars from Motorsport 5-7, they'll need extra dev time to get enough cars and tracks ready to satisfy people, they don't want to run into a Motorsport 5 situation again with critics attacking the game for not having enough cars and tracks on release. 

In theory at least, Horizon 5 should have been in development longer, assuming they put it into full production as soon as Horizon 4 released, September 2018. So Playground could get a cross-gen Horizon 5 running on the old build of ForzaTech out in 2021, but if they decided to wait on Turn 10 to finish the new build of ForzaTech, and engine that wasn't ready until late 2019, we might not see any Forza game in 2021 sadly. 

Once you've updated your engine a Forza game should be pretty easy to develop. I'd be very disappointed and surprised if it skips 2021. They already have all the car assests and tracks from a whole generation of Forza games to go from.

That's the thing, they're not reusing any assets from last gen. This is a total reboot like Motorsport 5 was, they're starting from scratch building all new car models and all new tracks for the new engine. Motorsport 5 released as a reboot with 2 years of development and only had 200 cars and 17 tracks at release, and the critics weren't happy about it, ended up getting a 79 meta, the lowest in the Forza series. Maybe they could manage say 350 cars and 22 tracks or something like that for a 2021 Motorsport if they rely heavily on contract work, or get assistance from Playground on the cars and tracks. Still not great, but would probably be good enough for a mid 80's meta.