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JRPGfan said:
DroidKnight said:

I think you are underestimating how large (what is being referred to as the Bethesda acquisition) it actually was. 

I know bethesda is just part of Zenimax Online.... the parent company or whatever.

However again if you google "zenimax online revenue" the 1st results are:

"ZeniMax Online Studios's estimated annual revenue is currently $81.4M per year."

I guess if your planning like 20+ years down the line, you might eventually reoupe the investment.

Zenimax Online is one studio under Zenimax Media, Zenimax Online are the developers responsible for ESO, so essentially that estimated revenue is coming from ESO only but it's not really useful as it's only an estimate of a single studio, Zenimax was a private company and thus we'll never know what revenue they were bringing in.

Besides that, it's typically not as simple "making back $7.5bn", similar arguments popped up with the Mojang acquisition but that was done with cash Microsoft couldn't bring to America and the money Microsoft makes on Minecraft likely exceeded the money they made on interest of $2.5bn. Now obviously this isn't the same scenario but I imagine Microsoft will be happy if the revenue they generate from Zenimax exceeds the revenue of interest on $7.5bn, companies if they can would rather spend money to make money rather than have it sitting in the bank doing nothing but accumulating interest.

And I mean, Microsoft is absolutely massive, $7.5bn is nothing to them, Game Pass is a long game, Zenimax is now part of that long game to building the Game Pass brand, they'll take the hits in the short term for a future profit, especially when they will barely notice the hits in comparison to their overall company.

I do think Bethesda titles will skip Playstation in order to grow Game Pass, they'll be where Game Pass is in order to entice people to Game Pass.

Last edited by Ryuu96 - on 17 October 2020