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JEMC said:
haxxiy said:

The first GCN 1.1 cards launched a few weeks before the PS4/XB1, not some months after. So there's that.

I was thinking about GCN 2.0. My bad. Which cards were the ones sporting the 1.1 design?

Ain't GCN 1.1 and 2.0 just different denominations for the 2nd Generation GCN?

As to which card, Bonaire, in form of the 7790, came out in March 2013 and was 2nd Gen GCN already. A couple months later, in October, the th first Hawaii XT chips came out under the  name R9 290X, as well as a rehash of Bonaire as the 260X

For the record, 3rd Gen (first just Tonga, and at a later date, Fiji) came out in September 2014, 4th Gen (Polaris, Baffin and later Lexa) came out in June 2016 and 5th Gen (Vega) came out in August 2017

JEMC said:

Bofferbrauer2 said:
Here we go again.

Apparently there's a new mining boom, and with it, miners buying up all the GPUs, especially those from AMD.

Makes me wonder how the stocks of Big Navi will fare if miner scalpers gets their hands on them first...

There's an article going around about how XFX China sold all its inventory of RX 5xx and RX 5xxx cards to miners, right away. Here's the article:

So yeah, sadly, the whole mining bullsh!t is coming back.

Yeah, saw that article also.

Wish they would just take the Polaris GPUs, then there wouldn't be much of a problem. But like this, and the way GPU prices are already going, it looks like a gaming PC is slowly going back into the direction of unaffordable (back because a high-end gaming PC was very expensive before AMD made pressure with the K6 and later Athlon. Our first PC in 1989 cost about $2000 without accounting in the inflation - and that one wasn't even high-end)